springburn winter gardens, glasgow

waparchitects springburn winter gardens external view

GIA/Springburn Winter Gardens Trust international competition - shortlisted

The proposal envisages an open Summer Garden as a counterpoint to the enclosed Winter Gardens. This garden is conceived as a square grid orientated to the geometry of the Winter Gardens with a superimposed 12-degree axis aligned to the Glasgow city centre grid and temporary timber pergolas approximately delineating the demolished wing galleries.

Within the garden is a pavilion acting as a condenser of histories, both passive and active, listening and listened to, addressing the Winter Gardens, the park and the city beyond, absorbing, gathering and re-releasing the aural energy of inhabitants past and present. This pavilion is permanently open, permeable and receptive to visitors and is formed of two elements; the shelter and the totem. The shelter provides protection from the elements for visitors, collects rainwater for re-use in the garden and collects sunlight via photovoltaic cells to power the totem which comprises a 'collecting' side and a 'transmitting' side.

waparchitects springburn winter gardens external view
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