langley vale visitors hub

waparchitects langley vale visitors hub external view

Designed as a simple building closely attuned to its environment, the Hub is based on the principles of prospect and shelter, with main spaces oriented around a partially sheltered external deck. A layering of walls and screens frames and gathers extensive views out to the WW1 memorial and woodlands beyond, intimately connecting the Hub and visitors to its setting. Visitors follow the path through the dense hedgerow and are led along a raking timber wall through a lobby into the central entrance orientation area. Full height glazing gives direct views out to the memorial area and a commemorative installation is located on the south wall.

The Hub is situated tight against the existing hedgerow to minimise its visual impact both from nearby roads and more distant surroundings, particularly while the woods are maturing. The main spaces and deck maximise the easterly prospect across the memorial area and the more distant countryside while large windows and rooflights flood daylight deep into all areas. The office and kitchen face onto a wildlife garden against the hedgerow which can be viewed from the 'hide' walls.

waparchitects langley vale visitors hub aerial view
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