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Whitehead and Parkin Architects design modern spaces designed to suit your lifestyle, true design for living. We can help you create enjoyable, functional and healthy spaces, incorporating flexible living areas for today's busy way of life. We can maximise light and space, both indoors and outdoors, by making connections between inside and outside spaces and landscapes and extending the living spaces into the garden.

Increasingly, more of us are working from home. We aim to create home-based working spaces which resolve the sometimes complicated relationship between public and private realms within the home. Your use of your home or building is likely to change over time and we aim to create adaptable spaces which respond to your requirements and changing technology wherever feasible.

Our experience of large projects allows us to bring our broad technical know-how and understanding of complex project management, tight timescales and phasing to your project, whatever its size.

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Sustainability, energy efficiency and green building are an increasingly urgent concern in society as building design and construction has major impact on the physical environment and natural resources.  

Green design is often seen as a 'bolt-on' inconvenience, required to get planning permission or achieve building regulations, but for us it's about getting a better, more responsive homes and buildings flooded with daylight, excellent connections with the outside and cheaper running costs.  In order to acheive this, we place a particular emphasis on a fully integrated approach to sustainable design at all stages starting with the buildings orientation and a highly insulated construction.  

We're members of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) and are one of a handful of architects in the country who have graduated from the AECB Carbonlite Retrofit course, meaning we can advise on the benefits and opportunities of energy efficient refurbishment, resulting in warmer homes and reduced running costs.  We are currently involved in designing buildings to the AECB Building Standard.

Sustainability also applies to the ability of buildings to respond to the changing needs of occupiers and owners over time. Wherever possible we build in future flexibility, including design to ‘Lifetime Homes’ standards.

waparchitects development sketches

We use a range of design tools, from hand-drawn concept sketches, diagrams and plans through to complex 3D computer modelling, including environmental analysis.

We carry out all our visualisation and analysis in-house allowing us to fully integrate it into the design development process. We aim to work with whatever is appropriate for a client's or project's specific requirements. The image shows examples of our hand-drawn explanatory diagrams for various projects.

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