home of 2030 competition: shell home

waparchitects shell home home of 2030 competition yellow cladding

HM Government/RIBA international competition - long list finalist

Home of 2030 - Shell Home is intended as a true ‘home for life’, designed to encourage flexible living and a healthy lifestyle by addressing key issues surrounding current and future housing provision:
Flexibility: Highly adaptable layout to take into account many different lifestyles or tenancies, with the opportunity of sub-division for different occupancies within units over time to suit developing lifestyles, including provision for live/working in various guises. A robust, simple structure allows for unforeseen changes and adaptations over each home’s lifetime rather than a prescriptive solution to current perceived issues.
Design for Wellness: Biophilic design, maintaining a close physical connection between the interiors and the outdoor natural environment and incorporating daylighting and natural ventilation is embedded in Shell Home with its choice of materials and its incorporation of integrated external spaces, green walls and biodiverse roofs.
Sustainability: Shell Home is designed to minimising carbon, energy and resource use, both in construction and in use to have a positive impact on climate change and minimise utility and maintenance bills over the entire life of the house.
Construction: An economic solution suitable for many different configurations and site densities but responding to local placemaking and yet wIth
standardised elements capable of harnessing modern methods of construction. Adoption of plumbed vertical service cores with open plan floor plates simplifies construction and allows maximum scope for flexibility of layouts.

waparchitects shell home home of 2030 competition brick cladding
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