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As well as architects, we are qualified garden designers and are able to offer fully integrated or stand-alone garden design. We specialise in creating high quality contemporary gardens, external spaces and green places based on sustainable ideas, using 'right plant, right place' modern planting principles. Our approach is to use planting to enrich life and benefit the environment, achieving a great relationship between building and external space, relating to your specific requirements and site.

Our services range from planting ideas and proposals for specific elements in your garden or site through to a comprehensive design service, including survey and detailed construction and planting drawings and schedules.

Questions about your project? Ask us, we're here to help.  Our recent garden designs can be seen here

wapgardendesign urban garden
wapgardendesign large suburban garden
wapgardendesign Springburn Winter Gardens

enhance your home environment with a garden oasis

Go grey to green and transform your garden, courtyard, roofs and balconies. We can help you create a bespoke personal green space for relaxing and entertaining, however small or large, from a window sill or balcony to a penthouse roof garden or back garden.

Gardens are precious resources and the benefits of gardening and contact with outdoor spaces on personal well-being are well known and an easy, free-flowing connection between indoor and outdoor spaces will improve your use and enjoyment of both your internal and external spaces. A well-planned garden can also improve your local microclimate through, for instance, planting to provide protection from winds and sun and cool in summer, helping to reduce local pollutants and providing habitat for wildlife. By planting gardens, roofs and driveways sustainably, water run-off and associated flooding can be reduced and we aim to specify planting for current and future water resilience.

Our planting designs are generally based on perennials, grasses and shrubs which relate specifically to each site and provide a constantly changing palette of colour and structure over the year.

enhance your working environment with a sustainable green transformation

Transform your unloved grey spaces, carparks, entrances and canopy roofs. We can help you create high quality low maintenance green spaces which will improve your working environment, encourage wildlife and benefit the wider environment. Alterations and additions can have an important impact whatever their size from planting at entrances, trees and shrubs for shade, small green roofs to canopies to more significant changes to paving and landscaping.

wapgardendesign planting photograph
wapgardendesign planting photograph
wapgardendesign planting photograph

Garden design consultancy:
We would spend time with you in your garden discussing options for border planting and renovation, small green roof options, etc which you can go on to implement yourself. This service is usually offered within one hour’s travel of our office (South and West Yorkshire, North Derbyshire) and is charged at an hourly rate. You may wish to follow this up with a more detailed sketch design or a full design service.

Corporate and commercial green spaces:
We can create design strategies for ‘greening’ your corporate and commercial spaces, including car parks, courtyards, entrances, roofs and walls. You may wish to follow this up with a full or partial design service.

Bespoke design packages:
The extent of our full design service will vary from project to project, but will usually start with meeting with you to discuss what you would like to achieve from your project and we would also discuss the timescale and budget. From this we can assess the factors what will be involved in the project and can produce a fee quotation for your acceptance. A full design service will typically include taking a detail brief, surveying the site, working up the design in detail with you and producing construction drawings and specifications to allow your project to be built and planted.

wapgardendesign large suburban garden design

We will start any consultation with a briefing questionnaire. Below we list some of the questions you may wish to consider when thinking about your garden or green space:

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