live: make industrial arts center, cincinnati


AIA international competition placed 'first runner up' (second) and 'community choice'

MAKE component: the introverted compartmentalised historic industrial workplace is subverted, replaced by a non-hierarchical field of adaptable workplaces intimately connected to each other, the natural world and the surrounding metropolis. The project is composed of five linear blocks, four carved out from the existing building, to form a series of naturally lit 'making' environments. These are separated from each other by landscaped courtyards which can be used as extensions of the workshops and allow daylight to penetrate deep into the plan. The building's primary structure, including the roof, front and rear walls of the existing building are retained. Both the existing and the new building elements are overlaid with layers of cladding of varying permeability.

LIVE component: floats above the mat of the Industrial Arts Centre, looking across the roof gardens towards the shimmering downtown skyline. The repeating wall of housing redefines a hard edge to the city centre and forms a garden wall to the wooded hillside.